To Our Ticket Buyers/Providers/Sponsors and Cooperative Partners

To Our Ticket Buyers/Providers/Sponsors and Cooperative Partners2020-03-19T18:01:25+01:00

Vikersund, March 17, 2020 

Cancellation of the Raw Air Finale at Vikersundbakken

Raw Air 2020 in Vikersund was canceled due to the serious situation with the Coronavirus. As the organizer, we have the obligation to follow the orders and requirements that come from the authorities. The orders severely accelerated from Sunday, March 8th, until the cancellation on March 12th.

It was with great disappointment that we received that message on March 12th; not least among the event management and all the volunteers, who had given their all as long as there was a hope of being able to implement the competition at Vikersundbakken. This was proved by the fact that the volunteers had to change the rigging and set-up of the arena several times until the cancellation order came on March 12th. A short mood report from the volunteers is that what happened was outside of our authority, but that most of us are ready to organize a new ski-flying competition in 2021 and the World Championships in 2022.

We ask for your understanding that, due to the Coronavirus crisis, we have had a sudden and significant change in our revenues, given the loss of spectator and sales revenues at the arena.

We are now working intensively to get an overview over the financial situation. As soon as we have this overview in place, we will lay a plan for further follow-up of requirements and obligations.

Organizers all over Norway are in the same situation as us, and we understand that it is frustrating for you as a ticket buyer/sponsor/provider. However, we ask for understanding that this is an extraordinary situation for us and that it will take some time before we have all of the answers.


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Events in Vikersund

Raw Air Vikersund 2020

13-15 mars

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Regarding Raw Air Vikersund 2020, Vikersundkonferansen and other information related to the competition 13. – 15. of March will be on our website

We will continue to post information regarding the Coronavirus in accord with recommendations from the Norwegian Health Directorate and the surrounding health authorities.

With the information we have at this moment, the competition in Vikersund will still be arranged with supporters and audience. We will update this statement if there are any changes the coming days.

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Raw Air is arranged between  7.march to 15. march
Here are the dates!
Holmenkollen 6-8 mars.

Lillehammer 9-10 march.

Trondheim 11-12 march.

Vikersund 13-15 march.


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