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Vikersund 2020 refund information

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Status Raw Air 2020 (ENG)

Following updated guidelines from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, local health authorities have decided that the events in Trondheim (Wednesday/Thursday) and Vikersund (Friday-Sunday) will [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions!

Regarding Raw Air Vikersund 2020, Vikersundkonferansen and other information related to the competition 13. – 15. of March will be on our website

We will continue to post information regarding the Coronavirus in accord with recommendations from the Norwegian Health Directorate and the surrounding health authorities.

With the information we have at this moment, the competition in Vikersund will still be arranged with supporters and audience. We will update this statement if there are any changes the coming days.

You can buy tickets to Raw Air Vikersund here!

Raw Air is arranged between  7.march to 15. march
Here are the dates!
Holmenkollen 6-8 mars.

Lillehammer 9-10 march.

Trondheim 11-12 march.

Vikersund 13-15 march.

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