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Practical information

Welcome to Raw Air Vikersund!

The press and media department will work to provide the best possible conditions for all media who wish to cover our event 13 – 15 March 2020.

Press releases

Download media Guide 2020

Press and media manager is Håkon Aune.
e-mail: or mobile +47 980 61 453

Assistant is Margaret Krogstad
e-mail: or mobile +47 917 54 774

Other inquiries can also be directed to


Are you working as a journalist or photographer during Raw Air Vikersund 2020? Please read the information below:


All journalists and photographers must apply for accreditation through an electronic application system. Accreditation is only granted to the working press.

Press accreditation application for all of RAW AIR (Trondheim, Lillehammer, Vikersund, Oslo):

Apply here

Press application for only RAW AIR Vikersund:

Individual applications here

Group applications here

If you want to blog, and are not so-called “working press” during the event, please e-mail

Please note that your accreditation is personal and that we require personal attendance to retrieve it. Remember your press card and / or ID! A FIS disclaimer must be signed upon retrieval.


Accreditation for TV and radio, production and internet companies (active filming) is authorized through Infront, international licensee NRK hosts broadcasters.

All volunteers must obtain their accreditation card at the VIF house. This requires that you are registered with a picture and approved in our volunteer portal. Accreditation is personal and cannot be transferred to others.

Accreditation Office – opening hours

3pm to 8pm Wednesday

3pm to 8pm Thursday

10am to 6pm Friday

09am to 4pm Saturday

9:30 am to 12:00 pm Sunday