Rental of Utsikten (The View)

Rental of Utsikten (The View)2020-03-17T09:37:29+01:00

On the second floor, over the Ski-Flying Café, is a fantastic terrasse. Utsikten is roomy indoors, and can offer a 450 square meter terrasse with a panorama view toward the world’s largest ski-jump, the Modum village district, Bergsjø Lake, and toward Norefjell.

With a theater set-up, there is room for up to 150 people; with small or long tables, up to 100 people.


  • Projector and screen
  • Air Conditioning
  • Wireless internet
  • Fully-equipped kitchen

(Includes use of the venue, with equipment. Renters are obligated to clean up, but floor washing is included in the price.)
Monday–Friday, 08:00-16:00, NOK 4,000
Monday–Thursday, 17:00-00:00, NOK 2,500
Friday, 17:00- , NOK 5,000
Saturday, 11:00- , NOK 5,000
Sunday, 11:00- , NOK 4,000

We offer most types of food and drink, upon request. This can also be organized by the renters themselves.

Combination Packages:
We are helpful in putting together combination packages to your specifications. What about combining a meeting at our venue with a guidet tour, a trip with the chairlift up to the top, lunch at The Wing, and conclude with a dinner? Ask us for a quote, and we will customize something for you!