Technical Data

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K–point 200 meters
Hill size 225 meters
Distance from top of tower to end of outrun 570 meters
Length of inrun 134 meters
Angle of take-off run 36 degrees
Distance from edge of take-off to fall boundary 272 meters
Angle of outrun slope (steepest part) 38 degrees
Angle K–Point 35 degrees
Angle HS 225 32 degrees
Angle at 250 meters 24 degrees
Jump  angle 11 degrees
Verticle height difference from take-off edge to K-point 100.68 meters
Verticle height difference from fall boundary to take-off edge 135 meters
With inrun at HS 225 41 meters
Speed at take-off edge approx. 102 km/h
Total height difference between outrun and top 200.27 meters
Speed at landing moment approx. 110-115 km/h

The Small Hills

Our small hills, K10, K15, K25 and K45 are all plastic coated and modern with new tracks. Rope-pull for both summer and winter use.

In addition, we have a movable K3; that is super for the smallest jumpers.