Tourist Information

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Location of Vikersund Ski-Jumping Center

Outdoor Area

The outdoor area at the Ski-Jumping Center is always open and there are good parking possibilities; among others, at the outrun, by the Ski-Flying Café.

Food and Drink

You can purchase food, ice cream, and beverages at the Ski-Flying Café every Sunday between 12:00-16:00; and in the summer season, the Café has extended opening hours as announced here and on our Facebook page.

The Wing is also open everyday in the summer season, between June and August, from 12:00-17:00; with sales of hot dogs, waffles, ice cream, and beverages.

Walk Up the Stairs

Many people use the stairs for working out; but it is also a great way to experience the dimensions of the hill, and the reward at the top is a great view. There are a total of 1,078 stairs up to The Wing; where you will find sales of light refreshments, and a view toward Norefjell.

It is also possible to utilize the road behind the Ski-Flying Café, that winds its way up to the top.

We encourage you to be careful when walking around the arena. All traffic at your own risk.