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Raw Air 2020 Update

—Application sent to the Lottery and Foundation Authority

In the beginning of April, Vikersund sent out information regarding the time-consuming process with which we are dealing. As previously mentioned, we have been waiting for the application criteria for the crisis package that Cultural Minister Abid V. Raja presented on March 19th. Intense work has been done with the documentation, and the application was sent April 20th.

The application deadline is April 21st, and processing of the applications will start immediately after the deadline. Nothing has been written about the processing time; so we, therefore, can’t give any date for when we can give feedback to our creditors and ticket buyers. As previously mentioned, the FTV is dependent upon a complete economic overview of the situation—something that we, unfortunately, won’t have until we know to what degree the crisis package will benefit us.

We will update you as soon as we know more.

With best regards,

The Board
Flying Team Vikersund AS

The World’s most extreme ski jumping tournament RAW AIR.
Experience the Super Final in Vikersund, March 13th to 15th 2020

Seating chart


The World of Opportunity

Regular Ticket

  • Space around the outrun with a good view of the ski-jump.
  • Kiosk with sales of food and drink, beer and wine all days.


  • Access: Exclusive area on the south side of the outrun
  • View close to the competition on the south side of the outrun.
  • Own bar that also sells food.

The Svevet Stands

  • Seating in the stands on the south side of the outrun, with a good view, close to the competition.
  • Own bar that also sells food.

Silver VIP

  • Access: The Flying Team Hall
  • Saturday only
  • Reserved table in TheFlying Team Hall. The table is reserved until the end of the competition.
  • Separate bar
  • Sales stations with light dishes from Bølgen & Moi.
  • After-ski-flying party.
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Handicapped visitors may park close to the arena by showing a valid handicapped parking permit. They will then be escorted further up to their designated space in the arena by the organizers. Accompanying attendants have free entry.

Practical Information

After-ski-flying party in the Flying Team Hall. In addition, we are offering light dishes from Breheimen.

Food and drink service from the tent located outside of the café for holders of a regular ticket.

On Sunday, we prioritize that families have a good time during the World Cup, with activities facilitated for children. Follow along at påwww.vikersund.no to see what we have to offer of entertainment and fun. It is possible to warm yourself and buy nice food from Breheimen in the Flying Team hall.

Alkohol-free area.

Bus: See our website for info regarding bus transport.
Car: If you drive a car, you will be directed to the closest parking lot to the hill. Shuttle buses will be running from there, and cost NOK 50.

If Cancelled
Used tickets are non-refundable. In the case the event is cancelled ahead of time, the ticket price, minus the organizers costs, will be refunded.

Ticket  Prices

Friday 13.3.

Saturday 14.3.

Sunday 15.3.










Voksen (18 år and older) 150/400* 200/500 450 550 300 400 750 950
Barn (6 t.o.m 17 år) Free 50 Free 50 Free 50 Free 100
Barn (0 t.o.m. 5 år) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Svevet Voksen 300/550* 400/650 600 700 450 550 1050 1250
Svevet Barn (6 t.o.m 17 år) 50 100 50 100 50 100 100 200
Svevet Barn(0 t.o.m. 5 år) Free Free Free Free Free Free Free Free
Svevet Tribune Voksen 400/650* 500/750 700 800 550 650
Sølv VIP 1300
*skijumping and consert (18 års grense)
Eks. ticket fee
No refunds on tickets