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How to get to get there?

Shuttle Buses

Shuttle buses go to Vikersundbakken Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. The road is open only to those possessing driving/parking permits.
Bus Route
The shuttle buses go from Vassbonn (YX gas station in Geithus) via Stalsberg and road R35 to Nedmarken, continues on to Vikersund station, Tangen and to Vikersundbakken. The buses stop on signal at all the bus stops along the route and at the parking areas for Skiflying Vikersund.

Buses go from Åmot every whole and half-hour, all day.

Bus Times
The buses start at 08:00 Fri/Sat/Sun. In the morning, the buses go every half-hour. During the day, they will go continuously.

The bus costs NOK 50. Tickets can be bought by card or cash at our parking areas or upon arrival at the hill. You can also buy tickets via the mobile app, Vipps.

The return trip is FREE and the bus service lasts until after the party is finished at night.

How to Get Home

Car/Scheduled Bus/Train

Follow the signage to the shuttle bus in the arena, and take it back to the parking area.

Charter Bus

Follow the signage to the charter bus parking at the arena.