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Dear media guest, welcome!

Welcome to a spectacular sports event – the FIS World Cup Raw Air Superfinal in Vikersund. 

All  journalists and photographers need to apply for accreditation through our online application system. Note that the accreditation is personal and you need to pick up the accreditation in person.

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact hilde@vikersund.no.


Info to all members of the press

When picking up your accreditation card, please bring an ID.

Media Accreditation Office Drammen
Comfort Hotel Union Brygge
Opening hours:
Friday 15 March: 08.00‐21.00
Saturday 16 March: 08.00‐21.00
Sunday 17 March: 08.00‐21.00

Media Accreditation Office Vikersund

If you prefer to pick up your accreditation in Vikersund and not in Drammen, please let us know before Thursday March 14th. The local media accreditation offices and pick up is located at the “club house“ of Vikersund Sports Club in Vikersund.  Directions: From Drammen and Hønefoss, follow rv35 to Vikersund S. Follow rv285 over the bridge and then first exit to the left. GPS: 59°57’48.46”N 10° 0’4.10”E

Main Media Centre (MMC)

The main media centre is located at Sparebank 1 Hallen. The MMC contains working space for journalists and photographers, WiFI, a help desk, results service, newspapers, refreshments in the media cafeteria and service-minded staff. All Press Conferences will be held at the MMC and will be posted at the MMC as and if they are scheduled.

Media Shuttle

We provide a free media shuttle service between the hotels in Drammen and the venue in Vikersund. If you want to use this service, please make
your booking before March 7th, by sending an email to Assistant Chief of Press Margaret Krogstad on marga‐kr@online.no .


There are a limited number of parking spaces dedicated to the media. These will be allocated based on applications received. To apply, send an
email to Assistant Chief of Press Margaret Hovland Krogstad on marga‐kr@online.no as soon as possible, and by March 7th at the latest. Parking permits will be handed out at the local accreditation office in Vikersund.


Accredited photographers are required to wear a photo bib in order to take photos from the photo zones. To get your photo-bib please contact the MMC.

The photographers’ accreditation allows only still pictures and no rights to record live pictures. This means no use of moving images on any Internet sites. No video, moving images or a series of single pictures or images that resemble video or moving pictures from inside the venue at the FIS Ski Flying Championships will be permitted. Media may feature still pictures on their Internet sites provided such pictures are not animated by any effect or “rotated” in such a way as to be sequential.