Ski-Flying in Vikersund to be Held without Spectators

The organizer closes the event to spectators. Conducts the competition via TV-production.

– This is a situation that we haven’t seen in modern times, either in Norway or internationally. Vikersund is rooting in volunteerism, and we will, of course, contribute to the ongoing national volunteerism to limit Corona infection. We all have a responsibility to hinder that the health department becomes overwhelmed and that people become sick, says Leif Arne Berget, president of the organizing committee in Vikersund.

– At the same time, this is a sad situation for both the jumpers, the volunteers, and the spectators who had looked forward to the folk fest at the hill, continues Berget. This weekend’s ski-flying competition is both the final in this year’s World Cup and the Raw Air Tournament.

See the competition on TV
The Public Health Institute recommended on Tuesday evening that the event not be held with over 500 people present. Later the same evening, Modum Municipality followed up with a resolution preventing the event to be conducted with spectators.

– We plan to allow the competition to run normally as a sporting event but without spectators present. We plan to secure a sports celebration that everyone can experience via their TV screens, says Berget. The organizer in Vikersund and the Norwegian Ski Association has been in a continuous dialog with both local and national health authorities in recent days.

Ask that spectators be patient
Vikersund has organized ski-jumping and ski-flying since 1936. This is the first time that a competition will be held without spectators. The organizer understands that the public has many questions, among others about ticket refunds.

– We ask for understanding that this is a completely extraordinary situation. We ask for time to figure things out before we can answer questions about tickets. We must first fully focus on implementing the competition, Berget underlines.

Demanding economically
The organization in Vikersund also says that the consequences for the economic situation for the organization and competition is unknown.

– This will be an economic strain. We are a small organization, in a small municipality, rooted in volunteerism. We will now lose a large income that we are dependent upon, but it will take time before we will have the full picture, says Berget.

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