To Our Ticket Buyers/Providers/Sponsors and Cooperative Partners

We apologize that we have been quiet the last two weeks. Many of you have given us positive feedback and some of you have missed receiving more information. Based on this, we would like to give you a small update on what is happening behind the scenes in Flying Team Vikersund; and hope that this will enlighten why this is such a time-consuming process that is, so far, out of our hands:

– On March 19th, the Cultural Minister, Abid V. Raja, presented a crisis package of NOK 900 million to Corona-affected culture, volunteerism, and sports. This package is meant to compensate for lost ticket revenue, participant fees, and any additional expenses. NOK 600 million of this total goes to sports.

– Details regarding the criteria for applying have been presented for consultation with the Norwegian Sports Association and the Norwegian Ski Federation, where Flying Team Vikersund has also provided their input.

– We are still waiting on the finalized application criteria.

– Raw Air in Vikersund is dependent upon having our revenue losses covered so that we can settle with our creditors and ticket buyers.

On the background of the above points, the status is such that we are dependent upon receiving a complete overview of the situation—something that we, unfortunately, won’t receive before we know to what degree the crisis package will benefit us.

Until that time, we, unfortunately, won’t have any possibility of giving a satisfactory answer to you whether you are sponsor, cooperative partner, provider, or faithful ticket buyer. As soon as we receive guidelines for applying for compensation, we will do so; and you will be notified immediately.

Our intension has always been, and will continue to be, that we will compensate everyone, provided that we are sufficiently compensated for revenue acquisition through the scheme mentioned above.

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