World Record–Reached 250 Meters

Today, Peter Prevc was the first man to jump 250 meters and can call himself a world record holder. History has again been made at Vikersundbakken.

Cheers, hugs, tears of joy, and wild applause met Prevc when he landed the world’s longest ski-jump at Vikersund’s monster hill. Spectators, volunteers officials and volunteers could hardly believe what they saw.

Conditions for Record Flights

Good wind conditions, enough speed, and an almost perfectly performed ski-jump made the dream to reality for the Slovenian. Prevc has shown that he is a skilled ski-flyer previously, and today everything clicked.

No later than Friday, we got signs that there could be record long flights at Vikersund, with 246 and 245.5 meter jumps signed Fannemel and Prevc. Now are these two jumps a faint memory.

246.5 and making history

Johan Remen Evensen’s 246.5 m from February 11, 2011, is no longer the world’s longest ski-jump, something that Evensen predicted himself would happen before this weekend’s World Cup.

“I have had the record for four years, and that is a long time in ski-jumping, which is a sport in continual development in several ways,” said Remen Evensen to Drammens Tidende.

Photo: Ole Marius Fossen

Johan Remen Evensen was right when he said that the record would be beat in Vikersund in 2015. Photo: Ole Marius Fossen

Adjustments at the hill that gave positive changes in the flight curve, size of the ski-jumping suit, and good enough speed is what Evensen points out as important factors for this year’s competition. His prophecy has come true.

We write February 14, 2015. The record is 250 meters. We congratulate Peter Prevc.


Foto: Trond Lindseth

Photo: Trond Lindseth

Foto: Trond Lindseth

Photo: Trond Lindseth

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